Is that even a word?

A Mr Jones is waiting for you outside.

This application needs more features.

Did you find your keys?

He tried to convince them of his innocence.

The clear and refreshing sound of the wind chimes is one of the characteristics of summers in Japan, but in recent years the number of people who perceive it merely as noise has been increasing.

I'm sorry, I don't speak French.

Did you help him?

I move that we continue the discussion.

Danny is very sympathetic.

It would do you good.

They should rule who are able to rule best.

Rub salt in the wound.

His love is revealed in his gaze


Bob expressed words of thanks on behalf of his classmates.

I turned the radio up so loud that the walls shook.

I brought you here so we could talk.

Maybe I'm in love with them.

Jamie says he was born in Boston.

I'll have him fix the clock.

Sigurd ran outside.


Jayesh didn't do what he promised he would do.


Can somebody answer that?

Phiroze doesn't play basketball on Mondays.

I wish I didn't have to work this weekend.

Kind words are always effective.

It's Surya's house.

If he will come, I will wait for him till he comes.

Luc found many more coins under the bed.

What should you do to decrease your debt?

I got it for nothing.

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Ken always plays soccer.

Eric began wearing glasses when he was three.

If you ever touch her again, I'll kill you.


I am surprised that she should have done such a thing.

I'll see him if he doesn't come too late.

Let's be honest here.

Has he got a dog?

Tammy looks very sleepy.

Did you intend to kill Catherine?

I want the book.

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A thousand incoherent ideas swirled around my mind.

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I plan to tell him about you.

We never got an answer from them.

Students should not work if they are going to school.

You didn't have to come to me.

Go to sleep now.

Somebody has died.

Darren told me you and Laurel are planning to get married.

Jack got a good grade in science.

Caroline Herschel was born in Germany in 1750. She was one of six children.

Pim has made some mistakes.

Which is the sport that you like?

You want to see a French movie, right?

The school bus could not run.

I am beginning to like Ken little by little.

Could you please wait just couple of minutes?

Gooseberries are fruits that are effective at extending life.

It's crawling with spiders.

You'd better hurry up if you want to get home before dark.

I was misinformed.

Gestural language had, however, serious limitations, since it could not be used in the dark or at distance.

Ho ho, you have always been the brightest amongst my grandchildren! But hearken now: I have come from the nether realm to entrust thee with a task of utmost importance!

We must begin to work right away.

Would you know a cheap hotel in the near?

Jenine has a nodding acquaintance with Ramesh.

Nikolai asked me to ask you.

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Who was this window broken by?

"I can't start the engine." - "Let me have a go."

He backed us up in the case.

Do you know what I like?

He has more money than he can use.

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I can do nothing with this naughty boy.

She met Eva here.

She made some derogatory remarks about her colleagues.


Does anyone know what this is?

I admit that I killed him.

Can I do it myself?

She rejected me.

"Love has never killed anyone." "Really? Ask Romeo and Juliet."

Hsi wants me to help him tomorrow.

Do you still have my number?

I will go to Hokkaido tomorrow.

Brian expects Serdar to come at any moment.

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There are people who are afraid of spiders.


I often sit on the porch and read in the afternoon.

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Harris wanted to have dinner in bed.

They didn't pay attention.

Is she equal to a long journey?

Klaudia and I go jogging together almost every morning.

We don't smoke, but be willing to sit and smoke.

He will scold us no matter what.

I didn't get discouraged.

There's nothing wrong with that. Not at all.

Neither do I!

He's a funny guy.

Anderson usually eats alone.

What do you do after school?

I reached for and tapped his shoulder.


You're impolite.


There's no way I can catch him.

It's as if I had always known how it all was going to end.

Annie raised the mattress in order to change the sheets.

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I was out of town on an assignment.

Maybe I can reason with her.

I had an accident.

His desire is to go into business.

I hope I don't die today.

Helen is a fast eater.

The mother finished writing her letter.

Brender opened the car door to get in.

I was looking for something to do.


I've forgotten your number.


Have some frozen lobster at any rate.

She was delighted to meet her great-granddaughter.

How do you know Naim wasn't hiding something?

He had no desire to kiss her.

I'm not about to marry Suzie.

I had no idea you were interested in Japanese art.

We like to travel by boat.


There's nothing that ruins life as much as premature ejaculation.

Saify made his decision.

You can reduce your home's heating and cooling costs through proper insulation and air sealing techniques.


The work can wait.

I don't eat poultry.

I'm going to prove it.


What happened to your voice?


The kids are having fun.

Who gave me all that money?

At last, we got the information.

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These blouses are long sleeved.

I don't find any of this interesting.

He is suffering from kidney disease.

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I regret that I wasted the money.


Don't make this into a big thing.

I liked them.

We're not sure yet.

I should give her a chance.

And that's how I met your mother.

They really don't know what they're doing.

The Japanese as a whole are a rice-eating nation.


He did not notice that there was a sick man sleeping in the next room.


Do you think you would ever consider suicide?


Under the reign of tyranny, innocent people were deprived of their citizenship.

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The trains are running late.

I've been concerned about her.

Milner is obviously still very angry.


Awake or asleep, she was thinking about it.

You should always be careful in your speech.

You think you're pretty funny, don't you?

He was somehow able to swim across the river.

You think I'm lying, don't you?

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I prefer mineral water.

Sjouke has never been back to Boston.

I never go to London without visiting the British Museum.

They must be cops.

How many chemical elements compose water?

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Many people showed up for the party.

It's a secret, I guess.

Gazpacho is a cold tomato and vegetable soup from Spain.


They've turned on us.

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I'm amazed that you said nothing.

I have about 5,000 yen.

Vladislav opened his eyes wide.

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The bullet train we were on pulled out at 12 sharp.